In the headquarters of Archivio & Fortino Via Peschiera in Cologne, there is a large and well-equipped laboratory of Restoration, managed by specialists dealing with this art for two generations, thanks to years of experience working in prestigious shops.

How the restoration of antique furniture takes place

Our restoration is “conservative”: we believe that the piece of furniture, as well as being functional and usable, should be consistent with its historical era, without the fear of appearing "old".
For this reason, the first phase of the restoration is to identify technically and artistically the piece of furniture, or its position in time, the methods used to build it, its style. Later we try to avoid, where possible, the use of aggressive materials, preferring the patina preservation. The wax or buffer polishing and the use hot glue are also made following the oldest methods, allowing the reversibility and the quality of the restoration.

Free estimates, without obligation

We offer the possibility of free estimates with no obligation for the restoration of your furniture. Please contact us at this email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.