My name is Maurizio Corioni. I started my business in the 1990s led by my art sensitivity, which has developed over the years thanks to my direct experience in the main art markets in France, Spain, Germany, Austria, Sweden and England.

This love for art made me eager to create a prestigious place, a dynamic space in order to house the collection. So in 2013 the location in Cologne, Via Peschiera, Il Forte was born. It is on four floors and has got a well-equipped restoration workroom.

There is also a wide space for fabrics, with the most exclusive yarns. It was my intention to create a place that could involve people in an emotional experience: when I opened it I was honored with the presence of my esteemed customer and friend, Professor Philippe Daverio.

chisiamo sede

I look forward to welcoming you, you can reach us from the main routes, there is a convenient car parking, a nice garden with sculptures and works of art and an amazing terrace full of greenery; it is the suitable location for prestigious events.

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