After the acceptance of the purchase request our customer service will agree the conditions of delivery of goods as has been indicated in the email request.
The expenses required for the shipment of goods are calculated on the actual size, weight and destination of objects, the first information on shipping costs is only approximate. The calculation of the actual costs will be provided with accuracy at acceptance.
Shipments are made only after we receive the payment. The time required for the crediting of a bank is equal to four / five working days: the passing of that time is not attributable to the delay of shipment.
After the payment transactions including purchase price and transport, we are committed to deliver the product to the carrier as quickly as possible. Archivio & Fortino will work to better ensure that products arrive in the best conditions, but we can not be held responsible for any damage occurred during transportation.

It is useful to clarify that ship antiques requires a series of operations slow and delicate, therefore, in some cases, the delivery can not be timely.


The methods we use are:

    Refund 1 euro per kg - according to 450 on transport.
    In case of damage, a refund equal to 1 euro per kg, according to law 450 on transport vector.
  2. SHIPPING INSURED optional
    Reimburse the full amount paid x the object.
    If you wish, you can insure the shipment on the value of goods: in case of damage you will be refunded with the total amount you paid at the purchase. Recommended in cases of expensive items. In this case the damaged goods will necessarily be returned.

CAUTION: if NOT specifically requested rate vector will be applied
The carrier is obliged to inform the customer by telephone; if at the time of the agreed delivery the carrier can not find anyone, the subsequent attempts (always agreed by telephone) will be carriage forward. Delivery is at the exterior of the truck board (ie, as per contract, the carrier is not required to download the goods).

In no event shipment through the services of the Italian Post is planned.


Those who buy from foreign countries can pick up the goods through their courier within thirty days from the award.

Container service

Those who want to purchase large volumes can take advantage of our free container service:
we can keep the goods in free storage up to the volume of one or more containers, facilitate customs procedures and give assistance to transit cargo.

The terms of this contract are preliminary to the purchase.
If you do not agree with the provisions you are invited to desist from participating.